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Bandicoot, is intended to be a set of tools that helps you organize files, which so far has only produced two really usefull programs.


First one and most popular by now is the namechange, this program as it name suggest let you change the name of files, several files at one and based on a set of rules based on regexps, to understand the beauty of the namechanger you must see some examples of it's use

Example 1, The sample rules

Example 2, Some file renaming

Example 3, Using a custom rule

As you can see the namechanger lets you preserve a naming scheme from all your files, especially when they come from a GUI user who isn't aware of the escaping madness that spaces, and other simbols, can produce to us the CLI users.

There are some fancy things namechanger can do, like copying not renaming, linking and creating directory trees for you based on the rules you give him. I have taken special consideration to not let namechanger produce anykind of information loss, besides the information contained on the name of the file itself, if you find a way that namechanger can destroy a file without the user intention please subbmit a bug report.


DupeRemove is not as popular as namechanger due it's limited use and since I haven't figured out how to handle certain issues.

The idea behind of duperemove is to hash every file you tell him and he will produce a list of files with identical hashes, that will let you identify possible m issuse of hard disk space.

DupeRemove has major drawbacks that limit it's use, first it can't distinguish between dupe files and hard links since there's no facility to do it and hard links are a efective way to save up disk space, simbolic links are considered properly. Since there's no way to enable duperemove on what to do with repeated files the most he can do is to produce a list for the user, which usually is lengthy and requires a lot of effort.

One possible solution to the automation problem, and possibly hardlink, issues would be removing one of the paired files and then replace it with a hard/soft link. Soft links might lead to information loss since there's no way to know which should be the link and which not, and in the case of hardlinking this would lead to duperemoving repeat the same actions over the same files everytime he's run. Adding memory to which files he has linked can be a possible solution


For now these are the only two programs contained in bandicoot, I'm willing to add some more tools I use as they take a proper shape and direction.

Right now I'm considering to include the tools I wrote to upload the music I want to my OGG player from command line, needs to be more polished yet, maybe I will upload it to CVS soon.

User Tools

User tools are some simpler tools to handle non file related issues.

Materm is just a script that launches an aterm with a random tint color for the transparency

Roll is a program that let's you roll dices in the DnD style, like:

$roll 1d5

$roll 3d10

grl, get random line, gets a random line from given file

These tools are a bit outdated, but roll which just hasn't needed anyfurther development


I invite every one who visit this page to provide feedback about my work, was my tool helpfull to you? Why? Why it wasn't? Can it work better? Would you like any feature included? Maybe a new tool?


Bandicoot is released on the GNU License V2.0, please take your time to understand it and enjoy your recently gained freedom.

File Releases

User Tools


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